About us

Worsening and increasingly intense problems, generated from the modern waste and with high doses of heavy metals, organochlorines, benzenes, dioxins, furans, among others, have led us to look for alternative methods that can provide an effective, definitive, and more environment-friendly solution, specially in the long term, though the awareness of responsibility before our descendants.

Incineration, gasification, and partial pyrolysis (with the presence of atmospheric air), even via plasma processes, are techniques used by men. Although these techniques reduce the waste mass and initial volume, they cannot be considered effective, as many of them are not capable of reaching a final disposal of the residues, once the waste continues toxic and mainly in the form of ashes. Even more serious is the fact that they produce a large amount of polluting gases that need to be treated.

Although the ashes concentrate in small volumes, they are thin particulates of non-volatile materials and can have high concentrations of elements with actives that are harmful to the environmental balance, such as heavy metals. The gases, in turn, demand proper filters and intensive maintenance, as they have significant concentrations of pollutants. Besides, the combustion process in inappropriate temperatures can form, by means of reactions catalyzed by the ashes, a family of hydrocarbons (generally cyclic) with high power that can destroy the human-cells genomic characteristics, which is translated into the production of cancer cells.
Other procedures applied to a lesser extent, such as those of autoclaving and destruction by radiation (including those coming from microwave sources), as they do not reduce the volume of the disposable material, they are not considered appropriate to the waste final disposal.

For being against all the negative factors of the conventional procedures, and also thinking about the survival of the future generations, the most revolutionary technologic innovation has been created, called Unidade de Tratamento de Resíduos (Waste Treatment Unit) - UTR Duotherm (with an international patent request) and known as Vorax thanks to its power of “devouring” virtually any waste and providing a proper final disposal with efficiency and economy.